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Showgirl by A-shanti

She likes her Job, it´s her passion.
You can visit her behind the scenes - but attention, she may bite.

Done with Polychromos and marker.

[Sold at EF21]


Do NOT use without permission! Thanks.

Familiar Visitors by A-shanti
Familiar Visitors
A litte T-Rex and his visitors. There`s a lot to talk about for sure! :D


Done with markers and pencil.

For sale at EF Artshow.


Do NOT use without permission! Thanks.
Photobomb! by A-shanti
What would your holidays be without some Photobombs?! Correct! Only half the fun :D
Here, have a Corgibomb!

The pin-board drove me nuts...I don't think I'll do another again xD
Anyways, the doggie was quiet a lot of fun!


For sale at Eurofurence Art Show

Do NOT use, copy or another things that makes me angry. Thanks
From the Cradle to the Grave by A-shanti
From the Cradle to the Grave
From the beginning to the end.
A wolfs life in short.


Done with Copic markers and liners.
Original is on a white background.


[For sale at the Eurofurence Art Show.]

Do NOT USE. Thanks.
Bramble Scramble by A-shanti
Bramble Scramble
Little Garden Dormouse is hungry.
This little fellow is looking for something nice for breakfast. This bramble over there would be nice!

Done with pastell pencils.


For sale at the Eurofurence Art Show


I like this medium, cause of it's soft feature :D You can do layer over and over.

Please notice if you wanna bid on this guy:

The only thing that really bothers me is the fact, that you cannot use fixative/ hairspray for it...
it makes the color looks darker and just eats the highlights. I tried it several times ..:/ So it's partially unfixed when you buy it, but the result is worth it :3


Do NOT use without permission!


is nocturnal
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Hard Techno, Hardcore, OST's
Operating System: Win 7
Favourite cartoon character: Homer J. Simpson, Dixie Kong, Link...
Heya dear follower :)

I just wanted to let you know, that I created a new Art related Twitter Account.

Please feel free to join me under:

There I will post mostly WIP, finished art and everything art belated :D



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IzusQilinLad Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Artist
Hallo, Ich bin Z.C. Wie geht es dir heute? Ich sprechen Deutsch Danke zu eine Damen komme von Österreich! Ja, Sehr name ist Chiara und sie ist nicht eine Böse Furry! Ich bin eine der wenigen Asiaten, die durch eine geflammte durche eine wahnsinnig Gelde drachen. Sie ist auch beängstigend und magst essen Nordkoreanische scounderel große Kimchi. Ich magst Ihr Kunstwerkund ich entschuldige mich über die UnhöflichkeitIch bin Seite verfolg gehalte geraden von dieser Animation-Arbeit, der auf meine Mac-Computer Durcheinander! Ich habe eine Windows 7 in der Vergangenheit bis eine böse russische gehackt und es versaut! Es tut mir leid if meine Deutsch ist eine schlecht und verwirrend! Auf Wiedersehen
A-shanti Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015
Ehm, thank you very much :D I do not understand every sentences because of the translation. But I think that this is a nice comment :)
IzusQilinLad Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student Artist
Yeah..... Then again, My Instructor was also From Austria. She hates dragons and she made me laugh a lot! There was three people and I spoke and passed German I and German II! German II was Horrible because Rita Merk doesn't know how to teach properly! Oh those horrible memories in German II. Then again, A bastard name of Joshie Garver went like my old enemy in my ass. Then again he likes Sexy Austrian mixed Chinese, I'm not even Kidding He wanted a Girlfriend who is a Half-Austrian and Half-Chinese which is like O_o Oh damn!
Zephiriara Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art style is just so beautiful! All your pieces tell a wonderful story and are exceptionally well executed. I'm no fan of anthro art, but the way you portray your characters is just astonishing I'm simply in love! ^^
Ximeon Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the llama! :3
A-shanti Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
Thank you too :D
Ximeon Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :3
zophiellane Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow what fantastic artwork! Had to add you to my watch list.
A-shanti Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Thank you kindly for the Watch! :)
Dark-Arctic-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Student Photographer
I hope beauty chases you while you chase it, and that wonder and majesty leave your quest for glory very successful.  
I hope you find many fun things to do, many wonderful sights to see, and many extraordinary people with whom to interact in positive ways.  
May the unexpected always turn out to be good.  
I hope this year is one of successful efforts to improve, new friendships made, old friendships renewed, and may you and those you love have a wonderful ride together around the sun in the year beginning with this day - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR! by Dark-Arctic-Fox  
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